Behind The Wheel! Proof Prototype Review!

Behind The Wheel! Proof Prototype Review!

Book Review

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Behind The Wheel! Arabic – Proof Prototype Review!

With family members at Holy Month of Ramadhan Futur Breakfast yesterday Friday night July 11 2014!

Reviewing the book!

Best regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the book!

 Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the book!

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Hi MAJID – Sincere thanks go to you and your commitment to safety, improved learning and guidance.

 Take care – Regards,

Raoul Restucci – MD PDO!


خلف عجلة القيادة

ماجد السليماني

 Behind The Wheel!

 Majid Al Suleimany

Some of the Real Life Road Accidents Stories in the book! 

  • How The Idea Originated!
  • Rest In Peace – RAW!
  • It Is In The Book – It Is All About  Driving!
  • Please Pay Attention!
  • All In Red Blood!
  • See Me Fly!
  • Watch That Stop Sign!
  • A Taste of Patience! The Mohamed Al Araimi Story!
  • The Sad Lonely Boy!
  • Don’t Die Young!
  • It Is Terrible!
  • Very Sad To Share!
  • When The Younger Ones Go First
  • Children All Alone Now!
  • Are Your Children Safe?
  • The Angry Driver!
  • Don’t Drive Tired!
  • Suicidal Tendencies!
  • The Old Man Alone Now!
  • The Gone For Ever Smile!
  • Mummy, Daddy – Please Wake Up!
  • No Man In The House Now!
  • I Am Just A Killer!
  • I Can Hear You; Doctor!
  • NDE – Near Death Experiences!
  • Out From The Behind Seat!
  • Parents All Alone!
  • The New Driver!
  • The Teasing Teenagers!
  • The Flying School Bus!
  • Still In Shock!
  • The HR Manager – Staff Warning!
  • Come And See My New Car!
  • The Dead Father In His Dreams!
  • ‘Wrong Car’ Had Saved His Life!
  • It Is a New Car Model!
  • Road Argue Time!
  • The Van versus The Bus!
  • It Was The Wrong Turn!
  • The Scolding Father!
  • The Fly – It Caused The Accident!
  • Newly Wedded Funerals
  • When The Young Ones Go First!
  • Night Time Travels
  • The Young Reckless Driver
  • The Friends’ Son!
  • Wrong Job Relief!
  • The Elder Son Is Gone!

1 - Behind The Wheel Cover

PP Native Cover.4097374.indd


  • مذاق الصبر، قصة محمد العريمي
  • ملاحظة الناشر:
  • مقدمة كتاب “مذاق الصبر”، رواية محمد عيد العريمي
  • بقلم: الزاكي عبد الحميد
  • كاتب وناقد من السودان
  • قصة محزنة جدًّا
  • انظر حول مركبتك قبل قيادتك
  • لا تُمت صغيرًا، لنتدرّب معًا على القيادة الآمِنة
  • هذا الحادث وقع في عمان
  • هل أطفالك في أمان؟
  • تفاصيل الحادث
  • الابتسامة التي رحلت للأبد.
  • أمي أبي، أرجوكما استيقظا
  • أنا قاتل!
  • أستطيع سماعك يا دكتور
  • تجربة الاقتراب من الموت
  • من المقعد الخلفي
  • السائقة الشابّة التي حصلت على رخصة القيادة حديثًا
  • المراهقون المشاكسون
  • التحذير الذي تلقّاه الموظف من مدير الموارد البشرية
  • رجاءً تعال وشاهد سيارتي الجديدة
  • عندما رأى أباه المتوفى في منامه
  • السيارة الخطأ أنقذت حياته
  • إنها سيارة جديدة
  • شاحنة صغيرة مقابل حافلة
  • كان انعطافًا خاطئًا
  • إنها الذبابة! الذبابة هي التي سبّبت الحادث!
  • جنازات الأعراس
  • عندما يرحل الصغار أوّلًا
  • السفر ليلاً
  • السائق الشاب المتهوّر
  • أبناء الأصدقاء
  • الاعتقاد الخاطئ بالراحة التي يسبّبها التهرّب من العمل
  • لا غناء تحت المطر بعد اليوم!
  • إنها السيارة القادمة من الجحيم!
  • مركبة تعليم القيادة أم الانعطاف الخاطئ؟
  • قُتِلا عندما كانا يبتاعان كتبًا دينية
  • لا ينبغي أن يحدث هذا لسيدة طيبة مثلها
  • شجار بين زوجين ينتهي بالموت
  • تُركت الجدة وحيدة!
  • لا يا أمي لا
  • حادث السيارات السبع
  • لأنك دائما تفعل خيرًا
  • راكب الدراجة الهوائية
  • رحلة الحج التي انتهت بالموت
  • مَن أولى بالعناية في الحادث؟
  • الكلب هو السبب!
  • قتلتها عيدية العيد!
  •  هل كان طريقًا مختصرًا؟


Short Stories


The Top VIP Called Me!

A Call From A Top VIP!


Psychology Book A Cry For Help - THIS A Cry For Help Trafford Great Reads cropped-usa-golden-seal.jpg  PDO Talents Day PP Native Cover.4097374.indd 1 - Behind The Wheel Cover

I was really impressed yesterday when one VIP (Public) whom you have to address with His Title first called me and told me that he was looking for my Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! here in Oman but was told that the book WAS SOLD OUT!

Similarly for A Cry For Help! Both books are Arab Management Books by me!

Frankly I have got emails – but never a call before!

I was overwhelmed!

So I told him I have a few copies at home and will deliver to him. He insisted to send his Driver – and pay for the books – which I affirmatively rejected.

I delivered the books to his Office. From Security to Reception to His Office – it was overwhelming warm and kind reception.

His Secretary in parting said to me – Thanks for the good services to our Nation! 🙂 !

I was really overwhelmed!

Frankly The System Works! Even if belatedly…!

On Saturday 7th June 2014 Saturday Insha Allah God Willing I will be 65! The Best Early Present For Me!

Take Care!

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany



Please Support Us Omani Authors and Writers!

Please Support Us Omani Authors and Writers!

Special Recognition for my A Cry For Help! Book

Communications received from Trafford Publishing USA that they are investing 50% for Strategic Marketing and Advertising of my Arab Management Book – A Cry For Help! – Context and Perspectives! – Arabian Management Series by Majid Al Suleimany – published by USA Trafford Publishing!

This is the confidence that they have on the book!

As a special concession they have agreed that my 50% – USA Dollars 2700 can be split in 3 installments.

As you all know I only live on my Pension Salary now! 😦 !

I am also looking for support for my Road Safety Awareness books –

Being The Safe Driver! –

Behind The Wheel! –

For The Banks and Financial Institutions etc. – the CSRs of Corporates – please note that not all things in life is Money and that there are National Worthwhile causes that may be too slow and even may not generate even any profit – but the cause is still worthy of mention, recognition, merit and award.

I wrote an Appeal Letter to two high Prestigious Banks – and they just ignored me! One was an Islamic Bank!!!

May Allah God Direct us all to the Right Path and Ways Amin – Amen – and Restore our Compassion, Imaan, Faith, Mercy, Kindness and Compassion AMEEN . Especially in the coming Holy Month of Ramadhaan – Ameen !.

If you feel that you want to help or contribute write to me in the Emails below –

A Cry For Help USA Golden Seal

A Cry For Help - THIS Psychology Book PP Native Cover.4097374.indd 1 - Behind The Wheel Cover


More Comments on My Books Display!

More Comments on My Books Display!

Abdulla Al Mahrouqy

1          From Abdullah Al Mahrouqy – Omani Engineer GM and PDO Voluntary Early Retired.

“Leadership is about making others grow like what I read from Mr. Raoul and Engineer GM Ahmed Mazroi as their encouragement words to you.

Also we ought to be happy when one of us has achieved something because Envy; “hasid”mistrust biased judgement and prejudices are all branded as corrupted minds and if at all are only good tools for retarding progress .

So just ignore them if and when they come to surface and if necessary get the energy from within whenever tried to be put off.

Again Well done Mr. Majid you deserve it and we need more people like you!!”


Mohamed Anwar Al Balushi

2          From Mohamed Anwar Al Balushi – Senior Banker and Observer Columnist

Dear Guru,   I don’t know if you ever noticed or not, but you have the qualities of true leadership. You are one of those who always try and make efforts to let others grow and developed.   Regards,   Your Student

PDO Talents Day

3          My Response

Thanks my brother Mohamed. You have been the greatest of my supporters always. Allah Bless Ameen

Unfortunately others think I am ‘trouble’ because I dare open my mouth and speak my mind. Which they do not want!

Allah Kareem! God Is Great and Merciful!


Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany






More Compliments For My Books Display in PDO Talents Day!

More Compliments For My Books Display in PDO Talents Day!

May 12, 2014.

Raoul Restucci  PDO Talents Day

From CEO PDO Mr. Raoul Restucci

Hi Majid!

It was great to have you with us and display your incredible array your books and learning experiences. We are privileged to have so much talent with and amongst PDO.

Thank you

Take care



Eng Ahmed Mazrooei Eng Mazrooei

From Engineer Ahmed Al Mazrooei – GM – Majan Electricity

Dear Majid,

It is an excellent acknowledgement of your writing contribution and inspiring message to continue writing. Great scholars becomes immortal because of their books.

Wishing you all the best always!

Yours Brother Ahmed

More Accolades for My Psychology Arab Management Book!

Give Yourself the Gift of a Great Read – by Trafford Books Publishers – USA

Latest Release – April 2014

Psychology of Arab Management Thinking!

By Majid Al Suleimany

B - Psychology Book Trafford Release cropped-usa-golden-seal.jpg

Son of Oman Arab Management Book still shinning in USA etc!

Please let us Value Our Own for a change! 

Allah Kareem! God Is Great!

Majid Al Suleimany

My Letter To The Newspaper!

Letter To The Newspaper (My Columns!)

Dear Chief Editor & Team

After Compliments; 

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for your turning down my article – No Money For The Crayons! For your Weekend Magazine despite a personal call and plea from you yourself to me to send in the article.

The Weekend came – but  my article was not in! 

Nobody had called me earlier to explain why the article did not appear. As my style, I sent in my emotional query. The response was ‘the article was not suitable for our requirements’ – but I guess it was your rights and decisions to accept or reject any article. No one can argue or dispute that!

Sadly, the article was received well in the social media including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Google Plus etc – and I did send you some feedbacks – which as usual were unacknowledged and ignored – as usual! What else is new?

It gave me courage to create my own website dedicated to Short Takes (Stories) here at

Sadly too, despite a signed contract with the person you took over from  –  my contract of two columns per week and a formal WRITTEN notice of one month from both sides for any changes – I was unceremoniously removed by ultimatum of only one article – take it or leave it – and I chose ‘to leave it’ – or as we lot born in Zanzibar like to say ‘rubbing salt into the wound’! Sic!

So sad and tragic!

And all this because I previously complained bitterly for being delayed in payments for over even 6 months – and then deciding which article to pay or not!

It is sad and tragic how our National Governmental Newspaper can treat this way long time running National Columnists!

But nothing is surprising – because that is how things are goiing now – and one has to accept the status quo only!

On Monday 7th April, 2014 there was a PDO Petroleum Development Oman Retirees Party. As you may know if interested, the biggest chunk of my Readers come from PDO and The MOG Sector – being one of them. Plus Omanis that read English Newspapers more – and all The Residents, Guests and Friends in Oman – AlHamdu Lillah – God Is Great! Ameen – Amen!

I told them they can follow me in The Social Media if still interested – and if they have any issues I can refer them to past articles.

Dear Sirs  – you yourself told me in more than one hour chat with you why you left your previous job to join here!

But I do not blame you – because The Truth is people want the dirt to be pushed under the carpet and those like me daring to speak are targetted, sidelined and marginalised.

The Truth can NEVER BE STOPPED – it is all issues of time and dire consequences and repercussions only!

Nice knowing you all and thanks for the iPhone 5 Ramadhan Gift – at the cost of my columns.

Let me be clear! I do not want resumption of my columns even if paid 100 Rials per article. This is not only for you  but sadly all the other newspapers in Oman for that matter. 

Take care and wishing you and your families all the best – and my sincere genuine apologies!


Sent From My Dell PC

Best Wishes and Regards

Majid Al Suleimany


N.B. If this is how a long time serving National Columnist of over 13 years and in a Public Newspaper is treated, the mind just boggles what happens elsewhere? You be The Judge!

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